Ways to Make Your Penis Bigger Without Using Anything But Your Hands

There are ways to make your penis bigger without using anything. No pills, no pumps, and no crazy contraptions. The most popular natural method for size gain are exercises.

Exercises are perfect ways to make your penis bigger without using anything, because all it involves is your own two hands. Again, you do not need any extender exercise contraptions or machines.

Here are the most popular exercises for enlargement:


This involves doing continuous milking motions using your hands, and alternating between hands. Starting at the base you slowly milk or massage upwards towards the head, and then repeat with the other hand. Generally 50-100 repetitions are performed when you start out. Tissue is rebuilt and growth follows.

Penis Stretches.

These are usually used in conjunction with jelqing. You simply, and gently, outstretch the penis and hold it for a few seconds. Then relax and repeat. Sometimes stretches are performed after, or in between jelqing.

These are effective ways to make your penis bigger without using anything but your own two hands. You do want to follow a proper exercise program which will go into much more detail on how to perform each exercise and how to put it all together in a routine which you can follow for quick and effective size gains.

What can you expect?

Believe it or not, exercises actually can give you better results than any sort of pump or extender machine. And exercises using only your hands are much safer. As far as actual size gains, it depends on how long you perform the exercises for, but generally men have experienced anything from half inch gains to four inch gains. And, added width is also experienced.

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