Top 10 Most Profound and Influential Speakers in My Life

Who has directly, or indirectly, impacted your life by speaking what you believed to be the truth at the time?

My personal top ten list has recently surfaced because my life has been permanently altered by those who have delivered some of the wisest and most influential words of all time.

To this point I want to thank them sincerely, whether they ever read it or not (and some won’t because they are no longer alive), whether you like them or not, and whether they care if I thank them or not. There is no order of favoritism in my list, even though it is numbered. They are all valuable treasures in my opinion, and although I have many more to list, these would be the speakers who have impacted my life greatly.

Number 1: Jim Rohn

One word describes the magnitude of his philosophy in life. Brilliant. To be the female version of Mr. Rohn would certainly be honorable. My university on wheels plays Jim Rohn more than anyone else. The world lost a great man when he passed on, but his legacy lives on in those of us whom he taught.

Number 2: Zig Ziglar

Love flows through him, particularly towards his family, and his wife the “red-head”, but his style and sense of humor are unmatched by most.

Number 3: Alex Mandossian

I didn’t take kindly to Alex at first, in fact, I hung up on his first teleseminar. I’m sure he won’t appreciate me saying that, but it has a good ending or he wouldn’t be in my list. A friend told me that if there is something you don’t want to hear then maybe its something you must hear. I found that interesting so I gave Alex another try. I was so glad I did. Alex taught me to successfully use the telephone as a method of reaching people doing tele-seminars and he’s one of the best in his field, if not the best. So the next time you want to hang up on someone ask yourself whether or not its something you must hear.

Number 4: Mother Theresa

Likely the richest person who ever lived in terms of appreciation, showing compassion, influential and yes, even money. Think about this; if she ever needed something she picked up the phone and asked for it.

Number 5: Mahatma Gandhi

So he’s not from the U.S. but… no one else in history showed more self-control when faced with adversity than he did in my opinion, and he never gave up. Do you?

Number 6: Oprah

Although I don’t watch her program I know she is very open minded, unafraid to show up and gives far more than most. Values anyone would do well to skillfully obtain.

Number 7: Bob Proctor

I didn’t care to hear Mr. Proctor at first, because I’m more a proponent of Gods laws of abundance rather than the law of attraction, but I got the jist of it. I purchased a package of his materials, that sat in my house for months, and I refused to open it until it called my name one day. I opened it, I listened to the information, and I was stunned to find it was one of the most Christ-like things I had heard in my life, really… at least the Christ that I know. It was transformational.

Number 8: Jeff Herring

Jeff is an expert in writing articles and he knows his stuff. He taught me to give my words a voice through writing but really it was a toss up between he and Chris Knight who ought to have this spot as well because he’s been a huge influence with words. Words are powerful when used with respect.

Number 9: Pauline Victoria

Pauline and I use to be business partners and someone I truly respected. We definitely had our differences. I was brain injured and recovering from that, while she has no arms or legs. What she lacks in physical stature she makes us for in spirit. We both learned a lot in our short-lived partnership, and I only have good things to say about her. Her life stories are life-altering for anyone wanting a spiritual connection.

Number 10: Les Brown

Wow. Les Brown is a dynamic and powerful speaker who is filled with a spirit of joy but just as human as the next guy. If you ever want a boost to your day, he’s there to do it for you.

So that is my top ten list. I am profoundly moved by the examples of these great leaders, though each as human as you and I are. To thank them may not be necessary, although if I could it would be to say, “The best thing about a great leader is that they are honorable even when no other human is watching. That’s the kind of leader I strive to be because of your example.”

Hopefully this article has you inspired to think about your Top Ten. Or even better, perhaps you are on someone else’s list without even knowing it. As Jim Rohn says, “A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well, and to help those who are doing well to do even better.

You never know how your words or actions might influence someone else today. So live accordingly.

Source by Kellie Frazier

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