Tips to Learn the Map of The Whole World

Here are some invaluable tips to learn the map of the whole world. These would help you in your Geography course too.

  1. Learn the world map part by part not as a whole.
  2. You could start from the continent you belong to. Like if you are a Swede, start from Europe. It will be fun to know who your neighbours are.
  3. Do not try to finish off everything in a day. This way you aill not be able to remember anything after some time. Remember slow and steady wins the race.
  4. Take a string of countries in the continent of your choice and learn them. Follow a pattern. This way you would have to learn say about 40 strings of the whole world which should not be much of a problem. What say?
  5. To learn the strings above, you could use some memory tools available in the net. One of the most efficient of them all is the mnemonic tool. With the help of mnemonics you would learn these strings of the whole world in no time. Like if you remember Not So Fast you remember Norway Sweden Finland. Yes Not stands for Norway, So for Sweden and Fast for Finland. This way you would never be confused about the order of these countries
  6. Learn to draw the map of the whole world. It is believed that if you draw the map yourself, you will find it much easier to learn the world map. Again there is a very simple tool, in fact the simplest tool by which all you need is a pencil and paper ( a paper napkin would do ) and this e-book. It shows you how to draw and memorise the map of the whole world using lines and a very few curves. You would not believe yourself that you could draw the world map so quickly and easily.
  7. It is better that you draw first and then learn the countries. Already feeling like giving up this project altogether? Don’t do that. Remember you have to learn the world map for your course and for yourself. There is no other option. Why not do it swiftly and steadily in a week. If you take a challenge with your friends, maybe you could learn it in a day’s or a maximum of 2 days. But my advice is Go Slow. Not So Fast. Remember the mnemonic?
  8. Last but not the least. Go through the website below. A unique way of drawing the map of the whole world is given here. Also a set of ready made extremely simple mnemonics is given for you to just learn and apply. The method is so simple that even if you are an eight year old your could master the whole world in a week’s time. My son could. He is now ten years old and can still remember to draw and locate any of the 194 countries of the world map. So have a look and best of luck.

Source by Suparna Sinha

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