Ten Reasons Why People Fear Public Speaking

Every single person who has ever done a speech in public will admit that they had been scared. We all know the usual signs, butterflies in the stomach, always on the toilet, even just wanting to be anywhere else but on stage!

But why? Why are we so scared of doing a public speech? Research has shown that people fear public speaking more than they fear dying! So why are we so petrified of getting up in front of an audience and delivering a speech.

Here is a list of ten reasons why I believe people fear public speaking.

1. Fear Of Failure – People are scared of public speaking because people don’t want to fail.

2. Self Doubt – People don’t think that you are capable of speaking in front of an audience.

3. Vulnerability – People feel scared and alone when standing on a stage with everyone’s eyes focused on them.

4. Personal Disabilities – For example you have a stutter or you have a disfigured face, and people believe that others will laugh at them.

5. Fear Of Other People Judging You – People feel uncomfortable when others are forming an opinion of them.

6. Perfectionism/Expecting Too Much Of Yourself – People are so overwhelmed by the fact that everything has to be perfect that they don’t do it at all.

7. Fear Of A Large Audience – People are scared of standing in front of tens, hundreds, even thousands of people.

8. Lack Of Preparation – People feel that you are not prepared enough to deliver a speech

9. Stress – People do not like the stress of public speaking

10. Don’t Know How To – Some people just simply do not know how to write, prepare for and deliver your speech.

Whatever your reason of fearing public speaking, I strongly urge you to overcome your fear and do public speaking. Someone smart said “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.” I totally agree. If you are going to let your fears force you not to become a public speaker, then you are missing out big time.

Public speaking is fun. Yes, it is nerve-racking and strenuous and often difficult, but it a lot of fun. I cannot highlight how satisfying it feels having hundreds of people laugh or cry or do whenever you want. (Maybe I am just a control freak!)

And of course, having those hundreds of people give you a big round of applause at the end of your presentation is a moment that I recommend all to experience. To have individuals come up and say “That speech was the best I have heard in years” or “That speech changed my life” or even having complete strangers come up and say “Thank you, that was great” – it doesn’t get any better than that.

Don’t let your fears stop you being a public speaker.

Source by Christopher Carlin

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