Public Speaking Confidence – How You Can Benefit From It

There are many benefits to speaking with confidence. Most people possess the qualities requires to becoming a confident speaker. Confident speaking is about the bringing together of voice, creativity, enthusiasm, knowledge and practice

Many people have benefited from becoming confident in public speaking in a number of ways

To Overcome Shyness and Self-consciousness

You may not be a sufferer of this but there are many people who are. It is more than the anxiety that is felt before speaking to groups. It includes the self-consciousness felt in ordinary social gatherings. Learning and "doing" public speaking develops the self-confidence necessary to be effective in any social situation.

To Be Able To Think Clearly

Acquiring the skill of thoroughly preparing for a speech develops the highly admired skill of being able to think clearly in any situation.

To Develop Hidden Talents

Many skills and talents lay undeveloped because an individual can not express their ideas clearly and persuasively.

To Increase Income

Public speaking skills can be used in many ways to improve income, eg job interviews, sales presentations, professional speaking, in recognition of communication skills. Most organizations need and reward confident clear communicators – there is always a demand for people with these skills.

To Develop Composure

Public speaking builds confidence. Confidence develops in a person a calm self assured dignity in social situations.

To Become More Popular

People who can talk on many matters in an interesting way will always be welcome and people will seek them out. The feelings that cause someone to turn and listen to a public speaker are the same emotions that cause someone to turn and listen to the person talking in conversation.

To Help Others

Public speaking can help the community organizations and clubs etc, to get funds or promote ideas for the benefit of themselves and others within their community and further afield.

Also the primary reason for speaking is to help the audience in some way such as entertainment, teaching them something, persuade them to take an action for their own benefit etc.

Today, to be a self-confident and successful communicator it is not necessary to emulate Abraham Lincoln or Demosthenes or any of the famed speakers. It is about communicating ideas, information and thoughts in a clear and convincing manner that is interesting and beneficial to the listeners. The most effective way to get these ideas etc across is in a conversational manner not in using fine sounding words and phrases. Today most people are able to be successful and self-assured speakers. It does mean learning and applying the skills of public speaking. The steps taken to become a self-confident speaker are well worth it because of the advantages to the speaker and their audience.

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