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In a world that is more dynamic than ever, changes are occurring at a rapid pace. The latest arena where technology has made a huge impact is the Publishing sector. With people moving from desktops and getting comfortable with palmtops, laptops, iPad and Smartphones no wonder digital publishing is rapidly evolving just like their audience.

The giants of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are becoming more active than ever and sharing news on their platform to keep their audience hooked. For that matter, even Snapchat – which is famous among the teenagers, introduced a new initiative called Discover. The aim of this feature is to get a platform for big companies like CNN, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan and others to get their content among the youth all around the world who are more interested in short videos and infographics than reading bulky content on the Web, daily.

What is new with Facebook, Apple and Twitter?

In May this year, Facebook put the grapevine on news distribution at rest when they started Instant Articles. Now, you can get all the news content from BuzzFeed, The Guardian and The New York Times directly on your news feed. Be it Android or iPhone, all the content is optimized for your Facebook feed and you get a comprehensive data all day round right on your phone. With mobiles being the top choice with people to open their news feed, the top News Publishing companies make it a point to give you a customized feel.

With digital publishing gaining popularity, these News Publishing companies even get to put up their own ads and keep all the revenues for themselves.

Even Apple has made all the efforts to stay ahead in this long drawn battle to conquer the news content via digital publishing. The conventional news app – Newsstand has been replaced by Apple News which is both stylish and user friendly. Its interface is customized for Apple users and the flipboard-esque style is impressing readers all around the world.

After seeing a slight decline in its growth figures last year, Twitter was quick to buckle up and it launched its new feature Moments. The aim of this is to curate and bring all the important news around the world at one place right from the sports, entertainment to breaking news.

Mobile takes the center stage

With more people being glued to their phone all day long, it won’t come as a surprise to say that most of the digital content that publishers are aiming to produce is mobile-centric. Researches have already stated that around 39 of the 50 digital news website had faced more traffic on their mobile websites rather than their desktop websites.

The example of the top digital news website which saw more mobile traffic includes the Huffington Post, USA Today, and New York Times. Right from the Paris attacks to the recent Orlando shooting to the yesterday’s breaking event of Brexit, people are following everything on their mobile and not their desktop. So, not only has digital news publishing become important, they are growing through mobile apps.

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