Ladies, Is Your Man Too Small? How To Make Your Boyfriend Or Husband’s Penis Bigger

Ladies, if you have a boyfriend or husband who’s size is smaller than you desire then there is a solution. It can be very frustrating having a great guy, but his size isn’t all that great, and you know if he was bigger not only would you gain more pleasure, but he would gain much more confidence from being big.

The key to getting your boyfriend or husband bigger is first by introducing him to jelqing exercises. This is the only real method to gain size. The pills, pumps and other strange contraptions aren’t worth it and seldom work anyway.

With exercises all you need are two hands to perform them properly.

Now, having said that, here’s the second way you can get your boyfriend or husband a bigger penis:

Use YOUR two hands to perform the exercises! Seriously, the number one reason why guys don’t get big from exercises is that they stop doing them. They become lazy and inconsistent. Guys need to stick with the exercises for them to work, and if their girl is doing them for them, then there are NO excuses!

Now, if every guy had his girlfriend helping him out to get big then there would be a lot of BIG penises out there! It makes the exercising go by much quicker, and obviously it’s much more pleasurable.

All you have to do is the following:

  • You need to have him be semi erect, about a 50-60% erection.
  • Next, you want to lubricate his penis.
  • Now you take your hand, form a circle with your thumb and forefinger, wrap it around the base of the penis and slowly stroke upwards at about a 2-3 second pace.
  • Now repeat with the other hand and keep alternating until a certain number of sets and reps are achieved. Depending on which routine you follow, it can take around 10 or more minutes to do.

Now the hardest part is making sure you maintain that semi erection the whole time. He has to try and not get over excited and not get a full erection. This is why getting on one of the shorter routines which only take less than 10 minutes is key for working on your spouses size.

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