How to Psychologically Make a Man Fall in Love With You – Use Subtle Ways to Make Him Love You!

Psychological factors can make a man fall deeply in love with a woman. If you have a desire to make your man fall hard for you, then follow these tips that will help you to get him to truly love you in every way.

Make sure you boost his ego

Know that your man needs to have his ego boosted time and time again. He is like a little boy who needs to be praised and encouraged. This will make him feel needed and important and he will begin to feel that around you he is always a “hero”. This feeling of well being around you will make him fall madly in love with you.

Allow him to defend and protect you

Most men feel that the reason for their existence here on earth is to protect the weaker sex! These are natural instincts that make him feel needed. If you are smart you will not appear to be too independent and self reliant. You need to let him see that you are “helpless” without him and that he makes you feel safe!

Make sure you vibe with him intellectually

Not all men are only interested in a woman’s body. Most men are as turned on by a woman with brains as by a woman with a superb body. If you are intellectually impressive, he will find himself wanting to spend more and more time with you. He will be delighted to be able to converse with a woman who is on par!

Make him feel that he belongs to you

Every man needs to know that he can belong to the woman in his life. He has an urge to find a woman with whom he can be himself and with whom he can build his dreams. See to his desires and satisfy him in every way. When you can do this – you will find he is falling madly in love with you.

Compliment his masculinity

It is important for every man to feel sexy, macho and strong around his woman. If you are delicate, feminine and sexy then you will be a perfect match. He will know deep down inside that you compliment him in every way. Allow him to be strong and macho and he will be satisfied.

Pose no threat of any kind

You have to be aware of the fact that he is not going to commit to you in any way unless he is sure of the fact that you are the right woman for him. Therefore let him see your characteristics that make him admire and love you even more. Don’t try to goad and push him towards commitment and he will love you for that!

Allow him to be the winner

Most men hate losing and that too to a woman! Make sure that he wins most of the time and he will be thrilled to be on the “winning side”. Making him the victor will only bring in good results and he will find himself aching to be with you and you alone.

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