How to Make Your Retail Store Famous

 Make your retail store famous and customers will beat a path to your door. That is what most of us think at least. We see fame as delivering financial success.

Of course, this is not true for all fame. What I am interested in this article is fame for the right reasons, fame which can be turned into viable commercial success. The other fame, notoriety for wrong doing of some sort, is usually not good for any retail business.

The fame I am talking about is fame which attracts traffic which converts to money through your cash registers. For a retail business this is the only fame which matters.

So how do you make your retail business famous?

Here are some suggestions for generating fame for your retail store. Some focus on big fame while others focus on more narrow, local, fame.

Be a larger than life personality. Live and act large and beyond what people expect. This means living the life of a personality. Some people achieve this by dating fame, others achieve it by constantly being in the right place. This type of fame can be somewhat false but it can also attach an aura of success to you business.

Be a superman. Help out in your community and the broader community beyond. When there is a need discussed on talk back radio, call up and offer to help. When there is a story in the local newspaper which indicates help could be useful, offer to help. When there is a telethon on TV, make a big and bold donation. Get known as the go to person for those in need.

Be large online. If your retail store operates in a special interest niche, build a strong online presence with a blog and website where you live beyond the size of your business. Take on a new personality of almost super hero proportions by offering advice and help. Get known for always being available, always having an opinion and being the genuine expert in your field.

Be heard. Contact newspapers and TV stations with relevant comments on topical stories. Pitch yourself right and you could become the go to person for comments on your area of expertise. This media coverage makes you famous and trusted.

Become the home of something. Make your retail store stand for something relevant to your niche, a product or service which sets you apart, makes you special. You could serve the largest of something. There could be a challenge associated with what you do or offer which gets customers in vying for the honour. This type of competition gets talked about.

Stand for something. This applies to all points. Your retail business will not become famous if it does not stand out by standing for something. So, start with your business before you embark on a mission to make your store famous.

Being famous makes commercial sense if done right and in a way which connects with people in your retail niche. Spend time planning and go about this in a way which supports rather than detracts from your business.

Go on, make yourself and your retail store famous. Enjoy life in the spotlight.

Source by Mark T Fletcher

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