How to Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally – Natural Solutions to Have a Bigger Penis

There is nothing wrong to have the desire to make your penis bigger. Come on, which man in this world wants a small penis? To have a big and strong penis is what every man is looking for. So your desire to grow your manhood is normal. And with a bigger manhood, your lady will definitely enjoy the session better.

The reason why you are reading this article is because you lack knowledge and information on how to grow your penis. I hope with this article, I can shed some light on the subject of penis enlargement.

One of the best methods to grow your penis is to work on penis enlargement exercises. Penis exercises are endorsed by clinics and doctors, and are the only way to make your manhood bigger naturally. If you are not into pills, exercises are the way to go. These exercises can be perform manually in the bedroom and guaranteed to increase your penis size within a few months time, as long as you practice them regularly.

One exercise that you can do to make your penis bigger is to grab the head of your manhood, and make the shape of the letter O with your index finger and your thumb. Then stretch your penis to the front and hold it for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, release your grip and gently massage your penis. Then, repeat the process again. Do a total of 5 sets and remember to massage between each repetition.

Another exercise to enlarge your penis is the PC flex. Other than making your penis bigger, it also gives you stronger erections. PC muscle is the muscle that controls your urination and ejaculation. Squeeze the PC muscle and you will feel the muscle around your anus. When you squeeze the muscle, blood flows into your penis, which ultimately increases the width and size of it. The secret to having a bigger and strong erection is blood flow. So when you do this exercise regularly, you will increase the size of your penis and have stronger erections.

However, having a bigger penis is of no use if you ejaculate as soon as sex begins. Premature ejaculation is more than a bedroom problem… it will affect your relationship or your marriage.

Premature ejaculation is not a permanent condition, and you can stop it naturally. If you want to stop premature ejaculation permanently and enjoy sex like every man should, check out the bonus tip below:

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