How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You Like Crazy

Are you wondering how to make your ex boyfriend miss you? Think it’s an impossible goal? It might be easier than you think. Ultimately you want him to decide he can’t live without you. For now, you’ll need to settle for learning how to make your ex boyfriend miss you.

Right now you are hurting and your first impulse is to call, beg, plead, email, and text. These are not the way to go. The way you handle the breakup is critical to the success of your goals of getting back together.

Follow these steps and you will find that you no longer need to worry about how to make your boyfriend miss you. He’ll be missing you already.

First, make yourself unavailable. Stop answering on the first ring when he calls. In fact, let the call go to voice mail. Don’t check it immediately either. Wait an hour or two before you even check the voice mail. If he doesn’t call great but for goodness sake don’t call him. The point is you want to give him the opportunity to miss you. He can’t do that if he knows you’ll always be at his beck and call.

Second, become your own person. Whether this means going back to the person you were when the two of you met or evolving into another you, it is important that you learn who you are and let her shine through. Chances are he’ll be curious to get to know the new you.

Third, be a social butterfly. The worst thing you can do when you want to learn how to make your boyfriend miss you is sit at home. Go out with friends. Consider dating again (nothing serious mind you but get back on the horse). Become the belle of the ball and let word get around that not only are you back in action but having a great time playing the field.

Finally, bring your “fun” along. Whenever you are out with the girls, on a date, doing things with friends, be fun. Have fun. Laugh a lot! It’s perfectly alright to feel sad that your relationship has ended but do not let that define you. More importantly don’t let it get back to him that you are moping and miserable. If you really want to know how to make your boyfriend miss you, let him see how much fun you are with others.

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