How To Make The Bleachers For Your Very Own Community Baseball Field

Nearly all of the neighborhoods here in our country never fail to have at least one baseball field where the younger generation can play. Setting up outdoor bleachers and grandstands set for these fields is a considerably simple task that would absolutely be an additional appeal to your diamond field. The younger generation of your community will feel that this is a very pleasant site to practice their baseball playing expertise. The bleachers could simply be constructed out of 2X4 and 2X10 wood or metal. The location could very well be your workplace also so that it would not be difficult to move the bleachers.

Are you all set to make your bleachers? The following are the objects that will be necessary: 2X4s, 2X10s, saw, drill, deck, screws, sand paper, wood stain, and of course good company.

First thing that you should do is to assemble the frame which is going to be the bottom with the 2X4s. You will come up with a large rectangle that have braces that measure 8 inches to serve as your base. Make sure to be keen with the measurements because one wrong measurement could have an effect to the whole product. The bleachers’ path should be 6 inches lesser than that of the entire length of the bleachers. Make certain that the dimension is appropriate for the field.

Second, do the supports, foot rests and benches’ assembly. The 2X4s will still be utilized for framing the risers out of the benches. The risers should come out of the support of the base. The dimension of the initial set has to be 18 inches high and 18 inches behind, and then you could have the next still 18 inches behind but this time 12 inches high and finally, the third set 36 inches behind from the front and 24 inches high. The pattern will help you create the bench and footrest and so on.

Third, install more footrests, benches and risers as desired but still follow that the bench has to be 18 inches higher than the footrest. You can still follow the staggering pattern.

Fourth, cut the 2X10s to portions that are 1-foot longer than the total thickness of the frame. Make the bleachers longer than that of the frame to add more seating but making certain that it is safe. Put up the 2X10s to act as benches and foot rests. Make it more sturdy by countersinking 2-inch deck screws through the 2X10s into the 2X4 frame.

The last step is sanding the bleachers first with the use of coarse grit sand paper. The fine grit paper will be used to completely sand the bleachers and finish it with a lot of paints of wood stain and wax to avoid the stadium bleachers from having cracks and defend the life of the bleachers.

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