How to Make Someone Fall in Love With You – By Influencing Their Subconscious Minds

Do you want to have the power to make someone fall in love with you? It is a power that every human being dreams of, isn’t it? In fact, if you are able to influence anyone subconsciously, you can make them do anything you want (and make them fall in love with you).

When you are speaking to a person, observe his/her body posture and facial expression. You can mirror their body actions and in the meantime, speak at the same speed as them. The person might not have noticed what you are doing, but their subconscious mind will pick up all these actions. They will then feel at ease and comfortable with you (as most people prefer people who are similar to them).

When you ask someone who is in love:”Why do you love him/her ?” They will most probably tell you that they don’t know the reason, and that it is unexplainable to them. Simply recall the time when you were in love, wasn’t it the same? You couldn’t explain why you wanted that person so badly.

This is because the feeling of ‘falling in love’ for human being works on a subconscious level. Due to certain words, actions or body postures that the other party has said or shown to you, your subconscious mind was led into the thinking that he/she is someone that is worth falling for. By repeatedly thinking and picturing all the good sides of the person in your mind, you were self-hypnotized into falling in love with him/her. This is a feeling beyond your control. The fact is that you have hypnotized yourself into falling in love with someone.

Once you understand this theory, you can make someone fall in love with you easily. What you need to do now is to learn the techniques on how to influence a person’s subconscious mind.

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