How to Make Him Need Me – Surefire Ways to Get Your Man to Feel Closer to You

“I want to know how to make him need me,” is one of those questions women wonder about when they start to feel some distance between them and the man they adore. As women we often measure a man’s commitment to us based on how much he truly needs us in his life. If he starts to spend less and less time with us and he constantly makes up excuses for why he can’t get together, you’re going to feel that and there’s no denying it hurts. If you want to get him to need you as much as you need him, you just need to follow a few, very simple suggestions.

They key to getting a man to need you can be found in how you make him feel about himself. We often mistakenly believe that if we cater a man’s every need that he’ll want to spend more and more time with us. This can actually result in him feel smothered and demanding some distance. You obviously don’t want that to happen, so you need to first and foremost ensure that you’re not doing everything you possibly can do for him. He won’t need you more because you cook dinner for him every night and it doesn’t matter that you tend to his laundry. You do need to focus on helping boost his self esteem. If a woman can do this, she’s going to soon see how much her man really does need her.

Men are drawn to women who make them feel like better men. If you compliment him regularly and ask him to help you with mundane things, he’s going to feel you need him and in turn, he’ll need you more. It may be something as simple as hooking up a new DVD player or changing the oil in your car. If he feels like your hero, he’ll want to feel that more and more. When a woman boosts a man’s ego by making him feel he’s special and valued, he’ll want to be with her and he’ll start needing her as much as she needs him.

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