How to Make Him Hungry for You! 7 Keys Which Will Make a Guy Want You More Than Ever Before

Do you ever stop to wonder why men would want something or someone that is hard to get rather than something that can be easily theirs? This should be the concept in your mind when you’re out to make your man hungrier for you.

The luscious you.

If you want your man to drool for your mere presence, then you have to do your part. Make sure that you are appealing whenever he’s around. You don’t have to be a size 2 in order to make him crave for you – just make sure that you appear sexy on your choices of clothing, you smell fresh all the time, and you have glowing skin!

Now he sees you, now he doesn’t.

If he’ll keep seeing you wherever he goes, then it won’t take long for this guy to grow tired of you. But if you’ll disappear every now and then, this guy will wonder where you are and he’ll definitely look forward to your next meetings.

Exercise your way to his heart.

Now that you appear sexy with your clothing and even your scent, it’s time to care for your assets. Go to the gym so that you would be able to maintain a healthy, natural glow. Also, exercising regularly will keep you trim so don’t miss out on your gym schedules. And as you regularly exercise, your body will produce…


These are your happy hormones and these are very important in making a man crave for you. Being naturally happy, it would be quite easy for you to lure him to your arms each time. Men want to associate themselves with people who are fun-loving rather than those who can’t even smile.

Achieve a winning mind.

It’s not enough that you’re pretty and have a great body. Another effective way to make him want more of you is to let him keep coming back for more of your wit and your intelligence. Make him want to speak with you because you’ve captured his mind. If you love books and are well-read on many topics, then your man will naturally want to be seen with you.

See beyond his looks.

Don’t just be content with him giving you the compliments. It’s time to give back the favor! But instead of saying you like his shirt or his new haircut, why don’t you thank him for giving you such a great time when you converse? This is a completely unique compliment and he’ll truly remember you for it – and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’ll want more!

The veil that he can’t penetrate.

This man will crave for you if you are there for him yet, somehow, you’re still distant. You’re seen as an approachable person yet there’s something in you that he just can’t fathom. It’s that mysterious side of you that will lure him to keep coming back.

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