How to Make Him Feel Sorry For All the Hurtful Things He Has Done to You? Make Him Pay You Back

Has your man been doing the wrong things to you and never seems to be sorry about them? He may be able to get away with the small, hurtful things that he does, but when he does it many times, don’t you think it’s about time you let him know how you feel? Men have big egos and don’t often make apologies, but if he hurts you constantly, it is time to make him feel sorry about it:

Tell him about your problem.

It is always great to start by letting the problem out in the open. Before things get too complicated, talking about the problem and compromising are good ways to end up any emotional struggle. Since men aren’t great at mind reading, you should always volunteer to tell him your innermost feelings.

Show a sad face and the pout.

Doing some emotional blackmail often makes his cold heart melt. Doing the sad face when something goes wrong would often make men panic. Men who genuinely love their partners do not want to make them cry so playing with his emotions can be a good way to make him feel sorry for his actions – sometimes.

Give him the silent treatment.

If you ignore him, he will know that something is wrong. He will suspect that he has done something wrong which caused you to ignore him. The most likely thing he will do is to approach you, talk about your concern and he might just apologize once he realizes that he has hurt you in any way.

Give him one-word replies.

If the silent treatment doesn’t seem to work, it’s time to give him one-word answers. For instance, if he asks how your day went, just answer him with “Fine.” Keep doing this and he’ll eventually feel that something is wrong. He’ll definitely make up for it once you tell him what’s wrong.

Ignore his invitations for a date.

After all, why date him when you have a concern to resolve? If you’re important to him, he’d do all he can to win back your attention.

Keep yourself busy with other things.

Make him feel that you can go on with life and do other things, even without him. Show him how much you value yourself and he would surely feel sorry for whatever mistakes he has done in the past.

See other men.

This tactic should only be done when you caught your man cheating on you. Make him aware of the things that he will be missing and he will surely feel sorry for ever leaving you.

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