How to Make a Woman Miss You – Have Her Thinking About You Constantly

Men are usually on the short end of this particular stick. We work so hard at getting the girl that we try too hard and care too much about losing her. In the case of these emotions, caring too much is often what drives her away. You can come off as clingy and needy. Women want a challenge, basically they need to feel that they are more into the guy then she is into her. If you care and have feelings how can you make a woman miss you and have her thinking about you constantly. Read on and I will give you a few ideas…

Confidence is key to having her think of you constantly

I almost get sick of saying it. If you want to have an easy way with women you must first gain confidence in yourself. You must walk before you and run before you fly. That does not mean you will not have success while you are building your confidence, but you will never have real success until you feel it from within, or learn to fake it really well. Being confident and speaking freely without worrying about how the girl will “take it” is the cornerstone of making a woman miss you. The thought that you might not be “that into her” will drive her to deeper feelings of attraction.

We all want what we cannot have and respect what we work hard to get

To make a woman miss you must remember and live by the above sentence. If she does not have some feeling that gaining you is an “accomplishment” she will never value you then therefore never miss you that much. One thing that increases value is absence. Reminds me of an old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. I love old sayings, there is always wisdom and truth to be found in them. If you spend too much time with her, she loses respect and knows that you care too much. Much better to have a lot of time you when you are not available, this will make her think you lead a busy and exciting life and increase her desire to see her again.

Fix Yourself

I am not going to say there is anything “wrong” with you. But let’s face it, we all have bad habits of some shape or form. It is human nature. What are your bad habits? Are they things that many women might find unnattractive?

One way to become more attractive is to take a hard look at yourself. If you have bad habits that are unappealing, think long and hard about taking steps to change those habits, and pick up more attractive good habits in their place. Becoming more attractive is a surefire way to be more attractive to women.

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