How to Make a Woman Climax Faster Than Ever

Making a woman orgasm for real is the one thing you can do to make a girl completely addicted to you. If you’re not convinced of this fact, let me tell you a secret that women have always known: they’re always looking out for men who really know how to please women in bed, and end up getting disappointed because most men don’t know how.

That said, when a woman goes to bed with you, she hopes that you can give her the pleasure she’s craving, and the orgasm that other men have not been able to give her. Read on to find out what you have to do to really make your new girl enjoy love making. These three tactics have been proven to make any girl orgasm fast.

Induce that fast female climax using three strategies

1. Make her emotional

Women want to feel special in bed. They want to feel sexy and loved. This is the main difference between men and women when it comes to sex. Men can have an orgasm just by physical stimulation, while women need emotional stimuli to reach climax.

2. Discover her ticklish spots

A woman’s pleasure centers are the ones you should fondle and touch during sex. The best way to look for these is to use your tongue and your hands. Be wary of feedback from her and learn how to touch her gently if she asks you to slow down, and go rough when she’s near climax.

3. Sexy talk

Stimulate her senses even after foreplay. You can do this by firing up her imagination with sexy talk. This isn’t common knowledge, but if you can stimulate a woman’s brain with the words you utter during sex, she will climax faster.

If you do these three things right, you can expect her to crave more love making with you in the future. Moreover, you won’t need to ask for sex; she will be the one begging you to come over so you can pleasure her again.

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