How to Make a Man Miss You More? Use These Tricks & Watch Him Miss You More & More With Time

Women get attached to the men they are in love with, but men seem to – well – get the woman and then go out with his friends! The thing is, men would actually miss women, if only they would be given the chance.

Let him chase.

Men are hunters by nature and they enjoy the chase. If a woman gives him everything he wants and shows him everything she’s got, he will have nothing more to do and would start to get bored. She must be able to maintain his interest in order for him to do some chasing and hunting.

Give him space – as the saying goes.

Men like it when women make them their priority, but they don’t like being pampered all the time. They want to have their personal space, and this is usually reserved for thinking.

Give yourself some space as well.

A woman must never be a doormat that a man – or anyone – could simply step on. She needs to have time with her own hobbies, spend time with her friends, or to enjoy herself. If she wants her man to miss her, she could book a vacation without him.

Have some control.

Although it is a woman’s tendency to pour all her love to her man, it is advisable to do it sparingly. She must let him know that she loves him and she misses him, but she must learn to hold back, too. If she lessens the amount of emotional pampering that she gives, he will come begging for more.

Be emotionally mature.

Nobody wants to be with a miserable, emotionally deteriorating person. If a woman wants a man to miss her, she must be a happy person, someone he would look forward to being with again.

Be the most gorgeous babe.

A woman must know how to pamper herself without overdoing it. She must love herself for what she is, and great ways to achieve this is to look nice, be independent, have a clean, healthy self. Confidence is a girl’s best friend.

Be busy or at least look busy.

A woman must be busy doing productive things, either for herself or for other people. If she isn’t available for her man all the time, he would start missing her. If she’s there all the time, coming at his every beck and call, she would simply be a permanent fixture and will hardly be missed.

One thing a woman must remember: if she wants her man to miss her, then she must learn to stop missing him first.

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