How to Make a Man Fall Madly in Love With You! He Will Think About You All the Time After This Point

There’s a big difference between a having a little crush and falling madly in love. A crush is when you can create a whole list of why you like a person. You also have a list of what you don’t like about the person. And when you’ve been bitten by the love bug, you run out of reasons, and suddenly, the person is just so perfect. So how do you get a guy you’ve been dating to transcend from infatuation to true love? How can you make him see there’s more to you than just a pretty face and fun dates? Here are seven secrets to make him fall deeply in love with you:

Begin with the superficial.

It’s the way things work. Guys first learn to appreciate with their eyes. So the trick to making his feelings more intense is to become super attractive. What if you’re not super-model-material? Relax. You don’t have to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance your looks. You already got him crushing on you, so all you have to do is accentuate your features that he absolutely loves. He will keep thinking of you and your beautiful eyes, or your super silky hair, or your dainty hands. Whatever it was that captured his gaze in the first place, maintain it.

Uncover your blind spots.

Blind spots are things you don’t realize about yourself, but everyone is talking about it. If you have a friend you can trust, ask her for an honest feedback. She may tell you people hate your habit of muttering bad words, or your excessive tendency to gossip. Fix these before your man finds out and is turned off. Remember, he doesn’t exactly love you yet, so he could still have room for things he will not like about you. It’s not just him who’d hate these habits – it’s everyone you’re interacting with. So when you change, you’re actually doing yourself, and everybody else a big favor.

Know the rules of conversation.

How you communicate speaks volumes about you. When talking face to face, can you look someone straight in the eye? Can you listen without commenting inappropriately? Do you know how to choose words that won’t offend anyone? How do you get away from a topic you are not familiar with? If you want a guy to fall in love with you, do not give him reasons to think you bluff too much, or are an airhead, or are too full of yourself. Brush up on your conversation skills because they are the very essence of communication.

Sprinkle your life with humor.

Learn to laugh at trivial matters. Learn to laugh at your own mistakes. Take life positively, and know when to crack a good joke to make things lighter. Your guy will fall in love with you even more if you learn the art of leading a humor-filled life. You don’t have to be a comedienne to impress him. All you have to do is throw back your head and laugh heartily when you hear a funny joke or story, and have your own share of funny stories to share.

Live independent lives.

Make him fall in love with the entire you, not just the fragment of you that he sees when the two of you are together. Make him see you have a job, a family, friends and hobbies to spend your time on. If he really is ready to fall in love with you, he will learn to appreciate that you have a life, and will want to get to know pieces of your life bit by bit. ON your part, let him live his life and participate in it whenever he wants you to. This means he is learning to let you in.

Empower your femininity.

You’re a lady, and there is more to you than just curves. You were made to complement a man out there, and several men will vie for your love. Be a strong woman and a well-rounded individual, and he will have no other reason to not love you. Show him you have good common sense, firm spiritual and social conscience and that you live everyday with a purpose.

Get to know a guy inside and out.

Before you even think about making this male fall for you, know your reasons. Will you catch him when he falls? Are you as interested in he is? Why are you into him? Can you imagine yourself living with him? Don’t quiz him and let him tell you all about his life when he’s ready. Until then, keep your guard up and don’t fall for someone until you’re sure you want to be with him.

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