How To Make A Man Addicted To You! Here Is How To Make Him Fall Deeply In Love With You!

Have you failed in making your man fall in love with you? Has he not yet revealed his feelings for you? Do you feel that you are clueless about where your relationship is going to go? Do you want to make him addicted to you and fall in love with you completely? If so, pay close attention and read every word of this page.

Here are the powerful psychological tricks to make him addicted to you…

Make him feel the lust – Sometimes a little more push can be given to him by triggering the lust part of his brain. The lust part of the brain can be triggered if he finds you smoking hot. So do all that you can do to look hotter. If you have to get new clothes, get them. If you need a new hair style, get a new one.

Completely reinvent yourself and impress him with your new look. Physical attraction is as important as anything else. Just because he’s committed to you, it doesn’t mean you can be lazy about your looks. A lot of women do this and that’s why the men tend to lose interest sometimes. So always appeal to his lust by being more sexy and desirable.

Don’t reveal what you feel – There’s one common mistake a lot of women make in relationships early on – revealing their feelings. You should never reveal your feelings to him early on in the relationship no matter what. Doing so will make him more egoistic. He will say to himself, “Now what, I have her. So I’ll find another one”. This is how men are.

If you want him addicted to you, you should never reveal the way you feel. Give him some hints that you are attracted to him and that you like him. But don’t reveal the true feelings. You need to keep him wondering as to whether you have feelings for him or not.

Don’t treat him with importance – You must never treat a man with too much importance early on in the relationship. Spending time with him is not as nearly important as spending time with your friends or family. Remember that and keep that attitude all the time. If you treat him with too much importance and try to please him too much, he will lose his respect and attraction for you.

You need to be laid back and cool. You shouldn’t become needy at any cost. Doing that will only make things worse for you. Ignore him and play as many games as you can with him. Keep surprising him with your behaviors.

Source by Fiona Hoffman

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