How to Make a Guy Yours & Get Him Completely Devoted! He Will Stick With You Forever After This

Winning the attention of a guy is different from making him yours. Having a guy to commit must mean that he really loves you and wants to be in an exclusive relationship with you. Having a guy choose to settle for you means that he chose you among all the other girls. But if you are really a beautiful woman inside and out, any guy would take you in a heartbeat. Well, if you’re one of those women who haven’t won full blast, these tips might be able to help you.

Show him that you’re good for him

For every successful man there is a woman standing beside him. Show him what to look forward to if both of you commit in a relationship. Show him the kind of good you can bring out in him.

Make him realize that he needs you

Well, we need to have what we need. Unlike women, men think in a straight pattern. They are practical most of the time. They get only something when they need it. Once he realizes that he needs you, it would be difficult for him to just let you pass.

Show him that he can be himself

Men don’t want to enter into a relationship with a woman who hopes only to change him-this just isn’t right. Show him that you accept him as he is and he would be comfortable and delighted to know that. It assures him that he doesn’t have to sacrifice his identity just to please you.

You should be independent and confident

Most likely a man will choose a partner who would be more of an asset rather than a liability in his life. Knowing that a woman is independent and has a life of her own will assure a man that he doesn’t have to worry about being with her all the time.

Show him that you are still feminine

Be vulnerable yet strong. Of course men like it when women can take care of themselves but they want to be regarded as heroes sometimes. It’s in their nature to act as a hero for the damsel in distress. A woman has to allow a man to take this role sometimes.

Be the most adventurous and funny woman around

This will give a man a sneak peak in what to look forward to. Men love having fun and adventure. If you’re not into those kinds of things at least develop a good sense of humor. With constant practice, you should be able to manage.

Show him that he is loved 100-percent of the time

Love is still the primary key why men settle in a relationship. If you love him, show him. After realizing that he is loved in many ways, it would be stupid of him to lose a woman like you.

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