How to Make a Guy Work Hard For Your Attention! Here is How to Easily Make Him Chase You Around

A guy who is deeply, madly in love with a woman will do everything to please her. At the beginning of the relationship, it’s common for guys to flirt and chase and want to be with the woman. But just when the woman starts to feel comfortable, she will be caught unaware as this same guy suddenly turns cold.

Be free from his shadow.

A man who feels that you’re too dependent on him would become complacent. Be your own person and learn to live your own life. In order to get his attention, you must first prove that you’re not hungry for it!

It’s time to realize your real worth.

If you’ve been looking down at yourself, then it’s time to stop doing that. Believe in who you are and that you’re worth more than who he thinks you are.

If he tries to get in touch, don’t eagerly respond.

If you want some attention, this is probably one of the best ways to get it. Guys always love to chase so let yourself be scarce. Don’t allow your universe to revolve around this one man. If he calls, let it go to your voice mail and you’ll see how eagerly he’ll try to meet up with you again.

Have some self-control.

Guys just can’t stand nagging and cry fests so don’t give him a dose of it. Learn to control your emotions and he’ll appreciate you for it.

Be a beautiful person inside and out.

Look your best all the time by taking a bath daily, brushing your teeth – the works. And as you go out of your home fresh-smelling, you also have to make sure that your attitude isn’t reeking of negativity. A man will surely work hard to get your attention if he knows that people flock around you all the time.

Let him hear what you’ve got to say.

The most decent men are attracted to women who have their own minds – so speak up. Let him know what you think about the current national issues and just about everything else under the sun. Engage him with the great conversations that you can concoct.

Give him a dose of mystery.

Hold back vital information about you. Doing this will make him keep coming back for more info, let him know that there is more to unravel. The rule is quite simple – the more mysterious you are, the more that he would want to work hard for your attention.

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