How to Make a Guy Literally Obsess Over Me – He Will Like You More Than Ever Before After This Point

Women love to have their men obsessed and madly in love with them. It is natural for a woman to feel secure in her relationship if she knows that her man is crazy in love with her. It gives her a sense of power when she knows that her man will do anything to have her. Here are some super tips to help you be in this position and get a guy to be obsessed with you.

Let him see you with someone else!

It’s funny but somehow you seem even more attractive and popular when you are seen with a partner. You may not be actually dating that person, but the fact that you are out with him will make you seem more attractive and unattainable. These will make him want to have more than ever. In fact he will think of you as a challenge!

Use your assets as an advantage over him

Sometimes you don’t need any words to capture his heart, mind and body! All you need is a lot of oomph and sex appeal. The more he sees you as a sexy and beautiful woman, the more he will become obsessed with you. Keep sending him the right signals and he will stay obsessed.

Set your target in line

Be aware of the guy at all times. This means that you have to come across as a delightful, interesting and gorgeous woman at all times! Brush up on your flirting techniques and polish your personality. You will make a long lasting impression on the guy. How can he fail but become obsessed with you when you look your best at all times?

Be quick to pick up his signals and respond accordingly

It won’t do you a bit of good if you are slow and unwieldy when it comes to picking up his signals. You might miss the boat and he might lose interest. The trick is to learn how to read between the lines and fan the fires of desire in him. This is the quickest way to get him to be obsessed with you.

Don’t be stingy with your rewards

He will be absolutely delighted if you reward him when he has been appreciative, loving, passionate and tender towards you. The right response and reward will keep his love and obsession strong and lasting.

The dangers of overplaying your hand!

You should be aware of the dangers of overdoing things. Teasing him more than necessary and not going through with your plan and promises will lead to circumstances and situations that are ugly! Know when it is time to comply with his demands and needs and give in joyfully! He will stay obsessed with you!

Know what you are going to be in for!

A man who is possessive, jealous or obsessed with you can be quite trying to live with! Make sure you really want him to be obsessed with you and if the answer is yes, then be prepared to have a man who will none the less love you to distraction but who could also try to make you rely on him and increase your sense of dependency!

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