How to Make a Girl Want to Kiss You – Stunning Secrets to Get Her Begging for More and More

So you are wondering how to make a girl want to kiss you. In most cases, guys lead the processor of kissing. Maybe you are struggling to kiss your girlfriend, that's why you are here. Well, just imagine that your girlfriend desperately wants to kiss you and you are playing the game to make her more desperate to kiss you. Could you imagine? Well, it is not hard to make a girl want to kiss you because lots of guys often do it, and once you know the secrets, you will also do that.

How to make a girl want to kiss you?

Important Steps:

  1. Ensure that she likes you enough – We all know that girls are passive and they do not tend to kiss every guy they meet. A girl kisses a guy only when she likes him enough. So, if she does not like you enough, then you need to do work to build more attraction in her eyes. First, make her desperately want you and then move to kiss.
  2. Keep long eye contact – When she talk to you, keep the long eye contact even in silence. When you look into her eyes, just imagine that you are kissing her. Let her know that you are a confident guy who dares to keep the long eye contact with her.
  3. Target her lips – Frequently look at her lips and let her know that you are giving her a chance to kiss you. When you look at her lips, give movement to your lips. Giving movement to your lips can be difficult for you, so I suggest you to do a little practice to move your lips in front of mirror.
  4. Moisture your lip – Once you do step 3, you need to figure out whether she is interested in kissing you or not. If you catch her watching your lips, then it is a big cue that she wants to kiss you. Now you need to make your lip moisture and keep the conversation in emotional topics. This is the best time to play Push-Pull game. If you play this game effectively, she will jump to kiss you.
  5. Use Pheromones (advance technique) – In most cases pheromones are highly effective to attract and seduce women. So, if you want to make a girl to kiss you, I suggest you to take advantage of this technique. It will separate you from the other guys who are also trying to make her kiss them.

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