How To Get Him Stuck On You For Good? Learn How to Keep a Guy Hooked on to You All the Time

So you’re feeling like you’re in love and can’t imagine your life without your special guy? If so, you probably want to know how to keep him around for the long haul.

While there’s no magic way to 100% ensure this, there are some things you can try and concepts you can study to give yourself the best shot at happily-ever-after.

Be Independent

The more independent you are, the better off you and your man will both be.

Don’t give up your job, your friends, or your family for your boyfriend. Your life is yours and you should never give up anything important to you because of a relationship.

Respect His Independence

Just as you feel better when you have a full and satisfying life of your own, so does he. Don’t cling to him and whine when he wants to have his own life, because allowing him to keep his friendships and his life in tact can be what ultimately keeps you together.

The Jealousy Has Got to Go

Nothing can wear on a guy like a jealous, possessive girlfriend who constantly interrogates and nags.

If you behave this way, one of the following are true: 1. You are the jealous type and always have been, or 2. He’s cheated on you already and you are fearful it will happen all over again.

The naturally jealous gals out there will be relieved to know there’s hope. You’re like this because you have an issue that you need to deal with, like deep insecurities or abandonment issues. Take care of your personal stuff and don’t take it out on your guy.

If he’s cheated, there’s not much you can do to fix your behavior because he caused it and might not be doing much to ease it away. There’s no sugar-coated way to put it: Just move on because it’s guaranteed to only get worse from here on out.

Let the Past Stay in the Past

Whatever he did wrong that you may bring up from time to time, let it go.

Whatever you did wrong that you feel guilty about, let it go and make sure he does as well.

Couples who cling to the past and hold onto resentments against each other never last long.

Don’t Place Unrealistic Demands on Him

Sure, you may think the world of him, but he’s a human being and not a perfect Prince Charming. He will make mistakes, so don’t overreact when it happens.

As long as he’s trying his best and treating you well, why demand the world from him?

You Don’t Have to be Perfect

Just as you shouldn’t demand perfection from him, don’t demand it from yourself either.

Women tend to be too critical of themselves sometimes when they’re in a serious relationship. If this sounds like you, relax and accept your imperfections. Chances are, your sweetie doesn’t notice all the tiny flaws that you do. And even if he has, who cares? He loves you anyway.

And remember: supermodels get divorced every day. Think about it. Physical beauty won’t keep a relationship in tact for very long.

Don’t Force It

Above all else, enjoy the moment and don’t force your relationship into a “forever” image in your mind.

You’re with someone you love, and that’s a blessing many don’t have. So don’t get greedy and just be happy to be one half of an awesome couple.

Source by Krista Hiles

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