How to Control a Girl’s Mind – And Get Her to Fantasize You!

Perhaps the most difficult defense for a man to get through is a woman’s mind, much less making her want to have sex with you! Any man may look handsome, has great physical attributes – somewhat like a hunk. However, if he is thinking of getting her hook, line and sinker – he better think again. This form of seduction only happens in the movies, and it is at best – a myth. The battle for her to be hungry for you sexually starts with her mind.

One of the few men who got their way with women was Giacomo Girolamo Casanova. He was known as an exquisite womanizer of his time and was well-versed in the art of seduction. Women fell for him because he was an intellectual and he was able to get through their heads. His sexual conquests are the stuff that made him the envy of many men. Moreover, his legendary name is synonymous with seduction.

For a woman to fantasize having sex with you, you must lower her defenses with mind tricks. Being rude or overly overt is an absolute turn-off for women. There are many subtle ways to seduce them. However, a man must only do these with a woman yearning for sex! It is very irresponsible for men to play this type of game for women who are looking for a commitment. Sexual adventures should be mutual!

Going back, seducing a woman can be tricky. Perhaps making her talk about pleasant experiences, which made her ecstatic, might do the trick. Listening to her can have a hypnotic effect and would make her feel closer to you. Another way is to stimulate her with intelligent talk. Studies have shown that there are women who achieved orgasm while talking to intelligent men.

A man must cater to a woman’s emotions, which is the most important way to get in her mind. When you make her feel good about herself, she will steer within and make her yearn for you. If a woman is sexually experienced, the power of words coming from a man can be made in such a covert way wherein he can sexually suggest these very subtly and excite her very much. This is the point where she can start fantasizing about you, while you yourself are having thoughts about having nasty sex with her!

There are many other ways to seduce a woman and make her fantasize a man, but penetrating a woman’s mind is like penetrating her body! Half the battle is won when you get into a woman’s head. Of course, a man’s physical attributes can be a bonus, but if he uses his intellectual gifts her thoughts of having sex with him will go off the roof, make her wet, excuse herself to go to the bathroom, giving you a kiss and a seductive look.

What if you could seduce any woman you wanted?

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