How to Change Your Voice – Make it Deep and Crisp

Most people are not satisfied with the quality of their voice. It is much known that voice is also a major factor in building an impression. Most of the TV newscasters, hosts and radio DJs today have a smooth, deep and strong quality of voice which tend to convey the impression of confidence, authority, and even openness and sociability. Nevertheless, a lot of people are not born with this with this capacity. However, you need not worry because with proper training and practice, you can sound as good as them in no time. If you are interested in ways on how to change your voice to a better one, here are a few useful pieces of advice.

Take care of your vocal chords. Your vocal chords is a part of your trachea where sound is produced. It is very vital that you care for it by keeping it hydrated and moist. You can do this by drinking lots of water or any fluid that is not irritating. Also, you need to avoid smoking because it has a high chance of damaging your voice box, causing it to produce a croaky and harsh voice.

Tone up your voice box. You can do several exercises on your voice box to strengthen its muscles and produce a smoother and deeper sound. You can research on more than a few ways to exercise your voice box. Instructional videos and eBooks are readily available in the market.

Practice makes perfect. Improving your voice may be a little tricky at first, but never give up. with lots of practice and perseverance, you are on your way to be able to change your voice.

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