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In this article we are going to take a look at some more free tips for a longer, stronger and healthier penis. You are probably wondering how, with all of the EXPENSIVE and exotic ways that male enhancement is promoted and promised all over the online sales space, free tips will be useful. You would think that all of the "secrets" are silently shrouded and imbedded behind fancy philosophies, secret science and dubious DVD's amongst other expensive offers. The truth is ACTUALLY the exact opposite. While I do recommend and encourage people to invest in what I believe is an INVALUABLE resource for learning natural male enhancement techniques, you can actually learn many of them on your own if you choose to invest the time to do the research. Below, I'll outline a few free and easy ways that DO work for many men, and will hopefully work equally as well for you. Read on .. 🙂

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This is such a simple exercise, and is really and truly very effective for size, strength AND a healthier sex life to boot. The basics of the practice are to strengthen the muscles starting in the base of the penis and pelvic area by contracting them and elevating your anatomy simultaneously, WITHOUT using your hands. Some male enhancement gurus recommend "holding" the elevation for a period of time (5-8 seconds), as isotonic contractions in this region have LONG been a staple of sexual health practitioners for problems running the gamut from ED to premature ejaculation alike.

An even more difficult practice involves doing the above, with the added resistance of some form of light weight. A lightly damp towel, washcloth or similar is used to amplify the effort required to "lift" and hold …. with the obvious association being more pain, more gain .. 😉 These might not appear as "advanced" as some of the stuff you will see promoted in the ad copy for potions, lotions and pumps being sold online …. but they DO work, and quite well at that.

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Not all of the paths to penis enlargement HAVE to be difficult or expensive! Some of the easiest, are simple cosmetic things you can DO that will transform the appearance of size … even though they will not actually make you any bigger in reality. Simply stated, good grooming habits will make your penis look longer. Trimming fat from around your waist line will make you look bigger as well. Exercise, a flat and toned stomach, and specific exercises that focus on the immediate abdomen will also give you the appearance of size …. EVEN if you have not added an inch. Not only are these FREE, but they are also effective and healthy in any number of obvious ways, which will benefit you FAR more than simple size gains will for sure!

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