Become An Expert Public Speaker – Captivate Your Audience

1. Using language and other techniques

There are some essential tips and tricks you must learn if you want to be a compelling and captivating speaker on the stage. Language is your most powerful weapon – and those speakers who know how to wield that particular sword are the ones commanding the highest fees, with the biggest repeat booking requests.

A captivated audience will eat out of the palm of your hand – respond to your suggestions, take your advice and comments seriously, and will leave the room only wanting more.

A great speaker combines the mastery of many techniques to insure that the audience is held spell-bound from the first to the very last second. Theatrics, movement, audience interaction and voice modulation are all successful tricks of the trade. And the single most important thing to have at your command, and use effortlessly and easily is language. The mighty power of words.

2. Knowing how to captivate your audience will help you

– Deliver messages which ‘stick’

– Keep everyone’s attention

– Make lots of sales

– Raise your credibility

– Generate real, tangible results in people’s lives

3. The 7 most common traits of highly captivating speakers

1. Extraordinary charisma

2. Total confidence and self-belief

3. Generate a ‘following’ of loyal supporters

4. Wit and humour

5. Magnetic stage presence

6. Powerful language which has their listeners hanging on every word

7. The ability to touch people’s hearts and emotions

4. Captivating your audience is like watching a fire blaze to life from a single match…

A flame flickers to life. You touch it to the edge of a piece of paper. The flame goes bigger, and spreads, rapidly consuming the paper before leaping on to touch the next thing in its path. A captivating speaker can spark that flame. Ignite it in one person, then the next, and the next. And before you know it, your whole audience is consumed and caught up in the blaze which you ignited.

Source by Miriam Staley

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