Bad Writing Makes Smart People Look Dumb

It may be hard to accept but when you commit bad writing without any intentions, you’ll become a dumb writer in the eyes of your readers no matter how smart you are.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are. If you write poorly, it reflects the same negative light on you. People won’t think you’re very smart.

That’s why learning to write well is such a valuable skill, regardless of what field you’re in. Everyone ends up having to write in some form, whether it be emails, reports or documentation of your work. You’re going to do it, so you might as well do it right. If you write and end up doing a piss-poor job at it, it can affect your work standing.

Say, you’re working as an engineer and are tasked with putting a report together. No matter how good of a job you did, if you submit a report that’s practically unreadable without pausing every three sentences, what kind of perception will develop in your superiors’ minds? It’s not that hard to imagine that the poor writing can take away from your in-field abilities.

What if I’m a prospect you’re trying to sell on the merits of doing business with you? Then you send me an email proposal fraught with mistakes, not even receiving the benefit of a high-quality writing software. How do you think I will feel? Will it encourage me to get on board or will scare me away?

Bad writing makes smart people, that means you, look dumb. Don’t let it. Not when proper grammar and clear text can be just a grammar software away.

Source by Jane Sumerset

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