Are Great Public Speakers Born Or Made?

Are great public speakers born or made? The answer to this is- both. There

are some people out there to whom public speaking comes naturally, but like any

sport, if you are a layman- the more you practice the better you get!

Everyone is a public speaker. You speak and interact with people everyday-

friends, family, work colleagues and shop assistants, sometimes even more than

one person. You don’t feel nervous here do you, so why are you shaking at the

idea of getting up in from of an audience? Why do many people fear public

speaking more than death. It is because they do not know the three main points

of daily “speaking- interaction” that they have to bring in order to deliver a

great speech. The purpose of this article is to share these 3 elements of a

great speech with you. They are:

Empathy and Engagement. When you are speaking with people

you know, you are constantly empathizing with their point of view, and you

engage them through your eye-contact and body language. Why should doing this in

front of an audience be any different?

The ebb and flow of the speech. When you are conversing

with people you know, you do not speak in a boring, monotonous voice do you?

Your voice changes, emphasizing important points, and maybe speaking slightly

faster if you are extremely passionate about a particular point. You need to

bring this to a speech. You need to have a well structured speech, but it also

needs to be kept interesting.

Practice. You should practice in front of a mirror, record

your speech and listen back, and try and practice in front of friends or family.

This will alert you to parts of your speech you need to improve, whilst also

making you more confident that you will deliver your speech much more

effectively. Hence, practice is a good way to calm any negative nerves.

If you use all the tips mentioned above, two of which you

use in your everyday life anyway, you will deliver a much more effective speech

each and every time!

Source by Toon Chooi Tan

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